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Enter name.

Your name is Terezi Pyrope. This day is absolutely dreadful. Everything that could go wrong has. There is no power on the planet, the original ship that was built for you and your friends to escape on was stollen and the guy who builds things had to throw a shitty one together last minute, and the chances of that piece of shit making it through the atmosphere without falling apart are laughable.

To make matters worse, a certain stubborn idiot who you dare to call your friend probably has no idea that he should be here right now, or where here even is. Time is running out and you are getting anxious.

What will you do?

> Terezi: Call out your friend’s name and hope that he will hear you.

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Posted on November 29th at 8:19 PM
Tagged as: Homestuck. Povertystuck. Terezi Pyrope. AU. A1. Epilepsy Warning.
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